Shah Rukh Khan Calls Virat Kohli ‘Damaad’, Says He ‘Knows Him From His Dating Time With Anushka’

Shah Rukh Khan adores Virat Kohli, and he has a unique bond with his wife, Anushka Sharma, with whom the superstar has appeared in numerous films.

Shah Rukh Khan called Virat Kohli Bollywood’s son-in-law

Shah Rukh recently talked candidly about his connection with Virat, saying that they have spent a lot of time together in an interview with Star Sports. In between chuckles, Shah Rukh said that he is the son-in-law of Bollywood and that he has known him since they dated because they spend so much time together. According to quotes, he said: 

“I spent a lot of time with him, I just love him. We say that he is our son-in-law, he is our fraternity’s ‘daamad’. I have known him the most compared to other players. I have known Virat and Anushka for a long time, and spent a lot of time with them. I have known him since his dating period was going on and I was shooting a film with Anushka. So, he spent many days with us, and became very friendly.”

Shah Rukh also revealed how he had taught Virat the hook step of his super hit movie, Pathan in the last IPL. The actor further stated that Virat was trying to do the step with Ravindra Jadeja during a match and they did it badly, so he taught the steps to them. Talking about the same, Shah Rukh stated:

“So, I taught him (Virat Kohli) the Pathan movie title’s dance steps. I saw him in one of the India matches. He tried to do the dance with Ravindra Jadeja in the match. They were trying to do that dance step. I was very sad that they were doing it so badly. I told them to let me make them learn the steps.”

Shah Rukh Khan has referred to Virat as his damaad previously. One of his admirers asked him to discuss Virat Kohli during last year’s “Ask Me Anything” sessions on his X (previously known as Twitter). Shah Rukh replied, referring to Virat as “his own” and saying that he is similar to his damaad. His tweet was:  “I love @imVkohli he is like my own and I always pray for his well being….bhai damaad jaisa hai humaara (Bro is like our son-in-law)!!!”

Virat Kohli’s journey so far

Virat Kohli showed the world that he is a ‘King’ for a cause. With his IPL season performance, the superstar cricket player gained hearts. In both his personal and professional life, he is thriving. In February 2024, the superstar cricket player had his second child. He is currently in India for the Indian Premier League, while his wife Anushka Sharma is in London with their kids, Vamika and Akaay.