Shah Rukh Khan Has Refused To Work In A Film Together With Daughter, Suhana? Read Here!

Amidst speculation that Shah Rukh Khan will share screen space with his daughter, Suhana Khan, the promised project appears to have been put on hold for the time being.

Shah Rukh Khan won’t work with his daughter, Suhana Khan on-screen

According to a FirstPost report, SRK appears to have withdrawn from the project in order to spare his daughter the burden of negative comparisons to him. Additionally, Suhana’s performance in her first movie, which drew a lot of criticism from critics, worried SRK as well. The information from the source said:

“I don’t think that project is happening, not after The Archies. Suhana needs to find a project as far removed from her father as possible. Earlier, SRK was tempted to get on camera with his daughter ASAP. Now, after ‘The Archies,’ this historic togetherness is gone on the back burner.”

Shah Rukh Khan spoke about his children, Suhana and Aryan pursuing careers in Bollywood

Not only has Shah Rukh Khan’s first child, Suhana Khan, entered the film industry, but so has Aryan Khan. Though he has no interest in acting, Aryan has taken up directing and finished filming his first series, Stardom, which will star a number of Bollywood A-list actors. Previously, in an interview with MBC Bollywood, SRK discussed his children pursuing careers in the same industry as him and mentioned:

“I’m happy that now they are into films and it’s a choice they made. I and Gauri, as a family, never told them to do this or that, they were free to choose what they wished to. One of them chose to be an actor-my daughter. My son decided to learn direction, so both of them are in films. The son is directing the film and the daughter has already acted in one film.”

Shah Rukh Khan wished to take out his daughter, Suhana Khan and her future BF for a drive

Time has indeed flown by, and Suhana, Shah Rukh Khan’s infant daughter, has developed into a stunning diva in the making. In a previous interview, SRK discussed realizing a lovely dream alongside his daughter with a prominent daily. The actor had previously stated that he wished to take his daughter to all the parties in his car. In addition, he said Suhana could bring her future boyfriend along, and he would be happy to drive them while they sat in the back seat.

Suhana Khan shared if she felt awkward when her father, SRK hyped her on social media

In an interview with Mirchi Plus to promote her first movie, The Archies, Suhana Khan was asked if she ever felt uncomfortable when her father, Shah Rukh Khan, the actor, gave her a lot of social media attention. The novice actress responded as follows: “No, not at all. Wo mere dad hi hain. Social media par, and in real life. So, it doesn’t feel awkward. He is just sharing his love for me. I’m not awkward at all. I’m very proud.”