Shah Rukh Khan’s Heartfelt Acceptance Speech At Dadasaheb Phalke Awards 2024

At the glittering stage of the Dadasaheb Phalke International Film Festival Awards 2024, Shah Rukh Khan accepted the Best Actor Award for his stellar performance in “Jawan,” marking a poignant moment. The superstar’s acceptance speech resonated with gratitude, humility, and a touch of humor.

A Long-Awaited Victory

The adored “King of Bollywood,” Shah Rukh Khan, has taken a break from taking home Best Actor honors. As he held the prestigious trophy, he candidly confessed that he had begun to doubt whether he would ever receive this honor again. His words echoed the sentiments of every artist who has faced self-doubt and perseverance.

Gratitude And Greed

SRK expressed his gratitude in an emotional speech to the panel members who thought he deserved the award.

“Shukriya sari jury member ka jinhone mujhko best actor ke liye layak samjha aur bhaut saal ho gaye, mujhe best actor ka award nahin mila toh aisa lagne laga tha ki ab milega hi nahin. Mujhe bhaut khushi. Mujhe awards bhaut ache lagte hain, main thoda laalchi hu, greedy hu.

(I’d want to thank the judges for recognizing me as the Best Actor. I haven’t received the Best Actor Award in a long time. It seemed like I wouldn’t receive it again. So, I’m incredibly thrilled. I appreciate rewards. I am a little greedy (sic).”

A Shout-Out To Co-Stars And Crew

Jawan movie grabs top 3 in google according to google trends 2023 search results

Jawan movie grabs top 3 in google according to google trends 2023 search results

The charismatic actor didn’t stop there. He thanked his co-stars, including the talented Nayanthara and Vijay Sethupathi, who shared the screen with him in “Jawan.” SRK also acknowledged the film’s director, Atlee, and the entire cast and crew. He emphasized

“I am overjoyed and moved that others have acknowledged the effort I have put in. An artist’s work is unimportant; the surrounding people bring it all together.”

A Promise To Entertain

Shah Rukh Khan made a promise as the applause echoed through the auditorium.

“I pledge to continue working hard and entertaining people in India and abroad for as long as possible. Whether it requires me to dance, fall, fly, romance, be wicked, be a bad guy, or be a nice person. Inshallah, I will continue working hard.”

He declared. Whether it’s dancing, falling, flying, romancing, or portraying good and evil, SRK vowed to continue captivating audiences across the globe.

A Tale Of Triumph

The Dadasaheb Phalke Awards stage witnessed more than an acceptance speech — it witnessed a triumphant return. Shah Rukh Khan’s emotional words reminded us that success is not just about trophies but resilience, passion, and the love of the craft.

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