Bollywood stars are now one of the biggest targets of internet trolls. While the majority of them have already experienced brutal trolling at the hands of netizens, there are some who have garnered a lot of appreciation and love for their moves. One such name among them is that of Shahrukh Khan. The king of romance, Shahrukh Khan was recently seen attending the wedding of his hair stylist’s sister’s wedding and this move has been appreciated a lot.

A Video of Shahrukh Khan doing rounds on the internet, where we can see the actor making his way to the wedding of his hairstylist’s sister. And without a second thought, the guests were floored by his sweet gesture as he went on the stage to bless the bride and groom before they embark their journey of togetherness. Shah Rukh gave them a hug and congratulated them on their wedding. SRK looked dapper in a black suit and the internet went crazy over his generosity for attending the wedding. Here’s the video that went viral and some screenshots of the comments:


Shahrukh once said in an interview about why he doesn’t like talking about good deeds he does, “I’ve seen the worst. My father was dying and we couldn’t afford the expensive injections. My aunt used to send them from London. But if the course was of 20 injections, we managed only eight. So I’ll never know whether he died because we didn’t have the money or he died because he had to. I don’t like talking about it [charity].”

Well, Shah Rukh Khan truly is a man with a golden heart and with his such sweet gestures, he makes us love him even more!