Are you sharing the best type of relationship?

Which is the most important quality for a happy relationship? Is it compatibility, compassion, understanding, forgiveness, support, honesty, freedom, patience, love, communication or trust? Well many have these answers. Many of these qualities may fade away or see turmoil as time passes. But one quality that keeps the relationship fresh and always healthy, that helps to start and continue with a relationship, that binds people together, is not much talked about but everyone desires it and is a hidden language – It is the ability to laugh together.

The best type of relationship is where you can just lay back, laugh together at the stupidest things and enjoy each other’s company. Dr. John Gottman said, “Couples who laugh together last together.” For laughter is not a learned reaction but an instinctive behaviour. Hearing someone laugh can put you in a great mood. And the best part is Laughter is free!!! According to Apple ‘face with tears of joy’ is the most popular emoji among people while communicating at different social media platforms.

Humour is one quality that all want in their partners. You laugh with a person you love and compatibility is easily known by the way two people laugh over the same thing. You can tell a lot about a person by the way he thinks it is funny.

You do not put a mask or are formal in front of kids. You can easily make faces, play pranks, laugh the way you like and be your true self irrespective of you being an ordinary or an extra ordinary person. For you know kids are not judging you from your behaviour. They are just living the moment and developing intimacy with you. If you share this type of behaviour with anyone else then it is the best type of relationship. When you laugh together there is an acceptance of behaviour between people. Laughing instead of judging makes the journey entertaining instead of a constant battle.

Laughter establishes a positive emotional climate and a sense of connection between two people who take pleasure in each other’s company. Any enjoyable moment is remember able for it relieves stress from you even when it is remembered. So do not take life very seriously that you function at home, work and other surroundings the same way. Spare some time for relaxation, let yourself be free, childlike and whimsical with someone whom you are comfortable for you will be creating pleasant memories to be cherished later.

The quality of our relationships has a powerful effect on our physical, emotional and mental health. And laughter brings a balance in all these. Laughter helps in pain reduction, releases tension, lowers anxiety, boosts immune system and aids circulation. Who does not want to be healthy? A relationship with laughter as a part of it is rewarding and fresh.

Laughter is a form of communication for we show people that we like them and understand them. In any relationship you need to communicate properly to understand each other for it is not possible to read each other’s mind. Lack of communication creates confusion. Sometimes some things are so complicated that it may become difficult to communicate as you may not want to hurt or challenge the ego of a person. If this is done by cracking jokes then the purpose is served. It also helps to see things from the partner’s point of view. The strongest people are those who have a capacity to laugh at themselves. When you laugh about your own messiness or things to be done in a certain way then you communicate without turning anyone into your enemy.


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