By: Richa Goel

Did it happen with you, when you shared something with others and you felt overwhelmed? The joy of sharing which brought a big smile on your face? Well, there are 2 types of people the one who strongly believes in helping others and has the perspective that the more they will share, the more they will gain. While the others have the perspective if they will share, the others will rise to leave them behind. So, come let’s see what all we can share with others-

  1.   In terms of Respect– Expecting others to speak with you politely where you are in habit of speaking harshly or rudely will be wrong expectations. No matter the person you are talking to is elder or younger than you, if you will speak with respect and love with words like “Haanji”; “Aap” or “Ji”, it sounds good and respectful. If you will give respect, you can seek respect from others. People will always cherish to be around you and admire you for your soft way of speaking!
  1.  In terms of love– Many people have money but they still strived for love and affection. The possible reasons may be their outdated thinking, living alone in a new place, introverts, old people whose children leave them to settle in abroad, broken hearts, etc. These people only seek for little time and love from you. Please Spread Love to Everyone, It won’t Cost Much To you!
  1.  In terms of providing knowledge– Some people have the wrong perspective that if they will provide their knowledge or skills to the other person, the other person will become more successful from them. Mostly I have seen this in younger children where they use to think that my friend will get better marks than me. But it’s important to make them understand that the more we share knowledge, the more we get perfect in our concepts. Moreover, the concepts, understanding level, detailed knowledge, and innovative ideas within you cannot be taken away from you.
  1.  In terms of money– Money is something that never becomes consistent in one’s life, sometimes it declines, while sometimes it rises. Why to become proud of being rich? Be thankful that you are blessed and keep helping others. Being grateful to others and receiving their blessings will help you to grow in terms of success.
  1.  In terms of sharing things– The one who shares can never fall short of anything. There will be always a person to help you out with your difficulties. If you will integrate the values of sharing things with other people, you will always get inner satisfaction that God has given you the capabilities to help others. Sharing will prevent you from becoming greedy and selfish.
  1. In terms of sharing pain– Sharing the pain of others will help them to heal. Everyone has losses- but if we share them with others it becomes bearable. Helping others to express themselves in front of you can help them to bring some sort of peace and relaxation in their life.

When we share we break out the boundaries of our ego and recognize the humanity of others. It is the act of kindness, the ego keeping aside that it belongs to only you rather than thinking in a way that someone else needs it more than you. Do not judge them or expect them to return that favour to you… because you might be one; God has chosen as an “Angel” for the needy who have the power to help them to deal with their problem. Sharing is the way to show how you value someone! Giving a part of yourself to someone is the best way to show your concern about their well-being. Everyone is fighting a battle which we do not know-Be kind and Polite. Invest your energy, time, and resources in empathy.

You will get the same back when you will need it the most! You never know how much your kindness turned someone’s life. The happiness on the faces of people you have helped will give you the motivation to carry on. So, don’t wait to be kind. Someone somewhere is waiting for your kindness so that they can heal and move forward in life. We all have so many things around us that are not useful to us but still, we have the habit of keeping them instead of sharing them with someone. We all are born with empty hands and have to leave empty hands. So, for what reason, we are restricting ourselves? Do Share happiness and earn good wishes which will always make you remember till eternity. The beauty of happiness lies in “SHARING”. So, now think about which of the above 2 persons you want to become?

    As you sow, so shall you reap!

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