Shark Tank India: From Gazal Alagh to Anupam Mittal, Sharks Who Faced A Major Financial Loss In 2022 

Sony TV’s Shark Tank India has made a great comeback with its brand new season. The first season of the show was very successful in terms of TRP and garnered a lot of attention on social media. And one of the main reasons behind the show’s success was its unique panel of shark judges. Their fun banter as well as clashes during the pitches gained a lot of attention. The sharks made a number of investments in small businesses last season. However, this season will be different in terms of investment as sharks have faced a major financial loss in 2022. Let’s discuss about the sharks whose company’s profit declined the previous year:

1. Gazal Alagh

Gazal Alagh -Shark Tank India

Gazal Alagh owns India’s first beauty skin care beauty brand  ‘Mamaearth’. She founded Mamaearth in 2016 alongwith her husband. The beauty brand gained a huge number of customers within just a few years. However, the company has been in loss since 2020 which accounts for almost 2000 cores. Mamaearth was also boycotted when its official twitter handle supported actress Richa Chadha in the ‘Galwan’ tweet controversy. However, in the previous season, Gazal Alagh was the least investor. So, it will be interesting to see her investing strategies this season.

2. Anupam Mittal

Anupam Mittal -Shark Tank India judge Anupam Mittal, the calmest shark, is the owner of matrimonial site, Apart from, he owns several other enterprises also. While is in profit, his other enterprises have been in loss for a long time. What is interesting here is that Anupam Mittal has never been transparent about his finances.

3. Peyush Bansal 

Peyush Bansal -Shark Tank India judge Peyush Bansal is one of the most loveable sharks of Shark Tank India. His generosity and kindness towards contestent Jugaadu Kamlesh in season-1 had won so many hearts across the internet. The Lenskart founder runs India’s biggest eyeglass business in India. Lenskart became a household company after its establishment in 2010. However, the company faced a major loss of more than 100 crores in 2022.

4. Amit Jain 

Amit Jain-Shark Tank India judge Amit Jain is the latest one to join the judge panel of Shark Tank India. He has replaced ‘Bharat Pe’ founder Ashneer Grover in the show. However, Amit Jain is also not a profitable shark. His company ‘Car Dekho’ faced a major loss of 250 crore in 2022.

5. Vineeta Singh

Vineeta Singh Vineeta Singh is the owner of the popular ‘Sugar Cosmetics’. Her venture has seen a loss of 255% which is about 75 crores in 2022. This percentage is 3% more than the data of 2021.

Apart from the above sharks, Aman Gupta is the only shark whose company is in a profitable stage. His company ‘Boat’ reportedly earned a revenue of 2873 crores in 2022 along with a profit of 68 crores.