Shark Tank India judge Vinita Singh Turns 3 Idiots’ Raju’s Mother, Users say – “This Is A Masterstroke” Check It Out!

Sony TV show Shark Tank India judge Vinita Singh who is the CEO of Sugar Cosmetics as well as the co-founder. Everyone has seen Vinita Singh judging the business ideas of the contestants on the show, but this time her funny style is being seen. Vinita has shared a video on Twitter in which she is seen recreating a scene from the 2009 film 3 Idiots. In this funny meme, she is seen imitating the 3 Idiots character Raju Rastogi’s mother. After watching this video, users are also giving funny responses.

Vinita Singh

In the beginning of the video, an office colleague is shown scrolling the mobile screen when his eyes fall on Vinita’s meme on the screen. Just then the employee goes to the cabin to talk about the budget, then in the very next scene, Vinita is seen wearing Raju’s mother’s sari sitting in a black and white background and tells the employee, ‘Paisa kya ped pe Ugta hai. Tumhe pta hai bhindi 12 Rs ki 1 kilo hogai hai, or paneer to sone ke daam par bik rha hai, aise hi mehngai bad gai, upar se tumhari aisi aisi maange hum khaenge kya’.

Vinita Singh

It can be seen in the video that the employee gets confused and sits back to his place that when Vinita comes out of the cabin, she is in her normal clothes and the video end with the statement of “all is well”. After watching her funny twisted video, users are giving one response after the other, some are calling it a master stroke, while some are telling the correct answer to all the memes.

Let us tell you that Shark Tank India is a program that provides financial help to the people who start their own. The contestants bring their business ideas to the judges on the show. If the judges like their idea, they invest in it. The judges of Shark Tank India look at the ideas of the participants, understand them and then offer them investments on the final pitch.