Shatrughan Sinha Made A Big Statement In Support Of KRK; Said The Arrest Conspiracy!

Actor and critic KRK’s troubles are not taking the name of less. On Tuesday, Malad police arrested him for making controversial tweets. Let us tell you that Kamal Rashid Khan alias KRK has been sent to 14 days of judicial custody after the court decides on not one but several charges. But amid all these controversies, now veteran actor Shatrughan Sinha has come out in support of KRK and by tweeting he has called the arrest of Kamal Rashid Khan a conspiracy.

Shatrughan Sinha supported KRK after his arrest on Monday and tweeted not one but several praising him. Shatrughan Sinha wrote in support of Kamal Rashid Khan, ‘No one should forget that despite many opponents and struggles, Kamal Rashid Khan is a self-made man. The blessings of the Almighty are upon them. He has made a different place in the film industry as well as in a society based on his hard work. Shatrughan said his biggest plus point is his confidence. He speaks his words fearlessly without favouring anyone.

Taking his point forward, Shatrughan Sinha wrote, ‘He does not shy away from speaking his point despite facing many obstacles and having many opponents. They have every right to say whatever they want by staying within the ambit of the law, whether they accept it or not. Shatrughan Sinha wrote in his next tweet, ‘It seems that he has been a victim of conspiracy under some circumstances. May God have mercy on them. I hope and pray that Kamal Rashid Khan gets the justice he deserves at the earliest. Soon everything will be better. Jai Hind’.

KRK has been deeply involved in controversies. He often comes into the limelight due to his tweets. KRK has not only made controversial tweets about the films of many Bollywood stars including Salman Khan Akshay Kumar and Karan Johar. Because of this, they have had to face troubles in the past as well.