“She Married So Young, Had 2 Kids When She Was Just Stepping Out Of Being A Kid Herself”, Shahid Kapoor Opens Up On His Relationship With Mira Kapoor

Lucky are those who find their true love and decide to spend their whole life together. But when you are in love you overcome every hurdle that comes your way. Shahid and Mira have a huge age difference but still, they decided to be together and enjoy every moment of their life. In an interview with Filmfare Shahid opened up about his married life with Mira Rajput. He revealed how Mira doesn’t think she is a priority in his life and shared, “No one should live in an illusion that everything’s set. When you believe everything is on autopilot, it all falls apart. You’ve got to work every day at everything. Whether it’s marriage, parenting, career or even your relationship with your parents”.

He had further added, “I struggle with all of them. I struggle at maintaining my friendships. I’m terrible at maintaining long-distance relationships. I struggle at dividing my time between my wife, my children and work. My wife feels she isn’t a priority. I feel guilty about not giving enough time to myself. Many a time I tell my family, ‘Guys, let me work also sometimes”.

He even talked about how transition after their wedding was tough for Mira and said, “She got married so young, had two kids and had to figure out how to deal with that when she was just stepping out of being a kid herself. She must have had her dreams and desires but she pushed those aside. That’s a lot to deal with. Also, the fact that we have an age difference, we are 13 years apart”.

Further talking about how he wants to be part of content-driven films no matter how much it makes at the box office. He was quoted as saying, “I don’t believe in feeling complacent. I feel you should always strive to do better. When you do certain work then it stays in your memory and when you do work over the years, then those memories and experiences become part of your life. I think that’s why the more work you do, the better you can become.”

While interacting with the media at the Vogue Beauty Awards 2019 Shahid spoke about how he considers himself fortunate to be a part of the film industry for the past 15 years. He had stated, “I think there is a lot to learn and I feel very fortunate that I have been working in this industry for 15-16 years now. I am thankful that people have appreciated my work, but I have a long way to go”.
He had further added, “I think I have achieved really less in these 15 or 16 years so I want to do many things in the rest of my career because now with every year, you grow older and there are younger people with exciting talent who come along. You learn from them, but as far as you are getting the opportunity to act, and as far as people are interested in you, you have to enjoy it and give it your best.”

Shahid and Mira’s relationship has grown cuter and stronger with each passing day!

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