Sheezan Khan Breaks Down Into Tears When Asked About Attending Tunisha’s Funeral; Read On To Know More!

New information has come to light in the case of TV actress Tunisha Sharma’s suicide. Her co-star and boyfriend Sheezan Khan is being investigated by the police in this case. Tunisha’s ex-boyfriend Sheezan has been kept in police custody till December 28, 2022. During interrogation, Sheezan has made several revelations about his relationship with the actress. Now new information has come out during the investigation.

Sheezan started crying during interrogation

According to the Aajtak report, the officer who interrogated Sheezan at Waliv police station said that Sheezan started crying during interrogation. Sheezan was telling different stories behind his breakup with Tunisha for two days. But when the lady officer of Waliv police station started the inquiry in this matter, Sheezan Khan started crying. According to the woman officer, earlier he used to keep quiet. Until yesterday it was difficult to predict anything by looking at his body language but last night he started crying when he was asked if he wants to go in Tunisha’s funeral.

The last rites of Tunisha will be performed on Tuesday i.e. today 27 December. So does Sheezan want to go to the funeral of the actress? Are there any wishes he expresses? The lady officer has denied any such desire on Sheezan’s part. He said that Sheezan had not said anything like that on his part. He just cries during interrogation. In police custody, Sheezan Khan has told the police that they broke up due to different religions and age gap.

Sheezan is Tunisha’s ex-boyfriend. They met during the shooting of the TV show ‘Ali Baba: Dastan-e-Kabul’ in June this year. They grew close during the Ladakh trip and started dating each other but Before Tunisha died, They had broken up 15 days ago.