Shehnaaz Gill To Bharti Singh, 6 Bollywood Divas Who SMASHED Plus-Size Fashion Myth; Checkout List!

idonsIn the arena of fashion industry, it is almost difficult to stand opposite of the trolling waves. These multi-talented artists have out proven their unstoppable characters. Within the Bollywood industry and in fashion, there has always been an unfair discriminatory bias on entailing a perfect slim physicality. Society believes that only thin and tall ones can excel in fashion effectively. The ones who do not fit into that category are brutally trolled and body-shamed, hence negatively judged.

In today’s world the preconception of having slim, tall figures is apparent among women. However various Bollywood celebrities in the entertainment industry have dismantled the body shaming barrier in their lives.

Vidya Balan

Vidya Balan’s legacy is an embodiment of grace, talent and brilliancy. The actress had faced satiric remarks throughout her life due to oversized body shape. Trusting actions better than words, she lashes out befitting witty responses to the brutal trolling she receives with her exceptional fashion styling sense.

Shehnaaz Gill 

The actress needs no introduction who has achieved immense love, fame and appreciation from her several enthusiasts. She is considered a well admired face in the Bollywood industry. Her awe-inspiring physical transformation from overweight to fantastic has won many people’s hearts.

Sonakshi Sinha

Sonakshi Sinha leads a popular legacy of a Bollywood family. The actress had faced a lot of critical remarks in context with her weight related issues. She has inspired several fans with her outshine performances and stylistic expressions.

Huma Qureshi 

This versatile star carries a pleasant personality. In her initial days of Bollywood, Huma was treated as an outsider in her profession She has now become successful in curating her moves bold and booming. Huma in her initial days of acting has been trolled for bearing a heavy figure on her body. She has given polite response with her consistent stellar performances. The actress has win the hearts of fans with her devotion to  heath and fitness.

Zareen Khan

The stunning beauty does not need any introduction after her remarkable success and achievements at the box office. The actress voices her opinions against body shaming criticism. Zareen is of the belief that people should aspire to appreciate their body and be bold about it, irrespective of the social blemishes attached to it.

Bharti Singh 

The popular comedian, Bharti Singh wins hearts through her fun, ridicule performances. A celebrity who makes witty commentary on people enjoys being herself. Bharti makes everyone laugh on her comic comments. Unfortunately, Bharti has surpassed manifold discrimination related issues in her life. The star has considered her weight to be a destiny in her career and has ruled every show with her laugh and wit.