Shekhar Suman Becomes A Tarot Card Reader In Bigg Boss 16, Tells His Family Members Their Fault

There is no doubt that the 16th season of Bigg Boss is leaving no stone unturned to entertain the audience. The show is witnessing love, bickering, friendship and fighting every day between the family members. For this reason, the makers of the show have extended the show for another four weeks.

A lot was seen in the recent episodes. At the beginning of the show, Tina’s displeasure with Shaleen was seen. Further in the show, Shekhar Suman once again appeared in his unique style in Big Bulletin with Suman.

In the recent episode, Shekhar was seen in the look of a tarot card reader. During this, the actor predicted about all the family members. Shekhar’s flirtatious nature made the atmosphere very pleasant. During this, Shekhar Suman was also seen pointing out the faults of the family members.

For your information, let us tell you that Shekhar first picked up Archana’s card and informed that roti dosh is present in her horoscope. The next card he got was of Sreejita and told Bhindi Dosh in her. Picking up the third card of Ankit, he said that there is coldness in his horoscope.

After this, Shaleen’s number came. Shekhar pointed out antenna Dosh  in Shaleen’s horoscope. Apart from this, he told Bhopu Dosh in Priyanka’s Kundli, Fourth Gear Dosh in Sajid Khan’s Kundli. Hearing all this, laughter could be clearly seen on the faces of the family members. After this, taking Stan’s card, Shekhar told Priyanka’s Dosh in him. At the same time, in Tina’s card, he informed about the walkout Dosh.

At the same time, he told the four defect of one two in Sumbul’s card. Along with this, Shekhar told that she was alone when she came to the house, but now there are four people with her. Shekhar then informs about the Popat defect in Shiva’s card. This was followed by a heated argument between Shiv and Priyanka, much to the amusement of the audience.