Shekhar Suman Recalls Picking Up Madhuri Dixit From Her Home During A Film Shoot, ‘She Was Sweet…’ Read Here!

Shekhar Suman revealed how, due to a lack of funds for one of his films, he was forced to pick up Madhuri Dixit from her home on his bike.

Shekhar Suman has been in the spotlight recently after delivering a standout performance in Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s first web-series, Heeramandi, which premiered on May 1, 2024. For those who don’t know, Shekhar debuted in the drama film Utsav, directed by Girish Karnad, in 1984. He has since acted in a number of films and theatrical productions, making a name for himself in the motion picture business that is unmatched.

Shekhar Suman recollects working with Madhuri Dixit for the first time

Shekhar Suman talked about the filming of Maanav Hatya in a recent interview with Bollywood Bubble. The idea for the movie came to him when his first movie, Utsav, had a slight delay. He recalled how the lack of funding and resources prevented the filmmaker from choosing a heroine. The director, however, had only one more chance, and that was to cast Madhuri Dixit, a relative unknown at the time, in a pivotal role as the lead female. He said: 

“Utsav had gotten delayed and in between that and Anubhav, one day I got a call where a director wanted to sign me for a film called Maanav Hatya, where I played a true journalist. Paise bade kam hain isme He only offered me Rs. 5,000. When he offered me Rs. 5,000 for this one, I was a little disappointed and there was no heroine either. He told me it was a new heroine named Madhuri Dixit. I asked him to make me meet her. When he asked me if I would do it, I agreed to do that film.”

Shekhar discloses that he used to pick Madhuri up from her house because of financial restrictions for the movie

Moving on, Shekhar Suman stated that the filmmaker’s budget was so tight that he asked the actor to lend his home for the shoot. Although Shekhar was happy to oblige, the director also asked him to collect Madhuri Dixit, the lead actress, from her house because she wouldn’t be able to travel to the filming location. In his own words:

“It was the second film for both of us individually, and producer aake kehta hai, ‘location ke paise nahi hain, aapka ghar milega to shoot?’ Maine kaha, ‘arey bhai, aisa karo.Thodi dino mein tum mujhse paise lelo and shoot karna. Ghar bhi lelo, kapde bhi lelo, motorcycle bhi lelo. Joh karna hai karlo, joh lena hai leno.’ Toh woh bola, ‘dekho, abhi Madhuri ko aane ke liye taxi ke paise nahi hai toh can you go pick her up? Toh main Madhuri Dixit ko motorcycle pe lene jaata tha.”

Shekhar Suman reveals his wife lent her clothes to Madhuri, did her makeup

In the final segment of the interview, Shekhar Suman discussed how there was a lack of crew for the film, and how his wife, Alka, not only provided clothes for Madhuri to wear as costumes, but also did the actress’ makeup. In addition, he gave Madhuri Dixit credit for being a kind, innocent, and naive newcomer who paid attention to what was being said. He stated:

“Mere ko bola ki meri wife, Alka, ko bolo ki wo aachi lagti hai toh woh makeup kar degi. Toh Alka used to do Madhuri Dixit’s makeup. Kapde bhi chhaiye the. Alka used to give her clothes also. Poor Madhuri Dixit, she was such a sweet, naive, Maharashtrian girl … joh bolte thay woh karti thi. I used to drop her off after shoots and take her to dance practices also.”