Shikha Singh Discusses Breastfeeding Difficulties After Testing Positive For COVID-19- Deets Inside

A large number of celebrities tested positive for the new coronavirus. Shikha Singh, from Kumkum Bhagya, is the most recent star to enter the list. She turned to Instagram to share a photo of herself and a heartfelt essay about her challenges with nursing her newborn child Alayna during this time.

She penned, “COVID +1 One of the things I was most concerned about throughout this covid epidemic was “How will it affect Alayna?” I was terrified at the time, but I’m no longer. I’m Covid +ve, but happily, everyone in my family is negative, so I quickly separated myself when I developed a fever and chills. I haven’t seen or met @alaynasinghshah in 36 hours, and my heart longs to touch her, smell her, and be with her. But I know I need to manage my feelings for her sake, and I will.”

“My troubles – obviously, the bodily aches, headaches, fever, cough, and all on one side, but the greatest issue is that while I was still nursing her, she loses the comfort of settling herself to sleep. Congratulations to @car run and Puja (Al’s Didi) for handling her so nicely that she is just busy with her routine. I’m pumping my milk and giving it to her as our doctor instructed since my milk has antibodies for her (I’m not a carrier of covid) “she added.

She went on, “It’s been a difficult time for us as a family, but I’m grateful to God that we’ve been able to battle this together and that Alayna is safe. It’s more of a mental battle for me to be away from my kid for such a lengthy period for the first time, but we’ll get through it! More power to everyone battling covid, and I hope you all recover soon! Love and power.”

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