Shilpa Shinde’s reaction to her mother’s visit will leave you in tears, see VIDEO

Bigg Boss has a big surprise for all the housemates this week. With the festive season approaching, the makers thought of bringing in the loved ones of the housemates. Shilpa Shinde’s mother will be visiting the Bigg Boss house during this time. The episode has been shot already and will be aired today. On seeing her mother, Shilpa Shinde was stunned. Shilpa breaks down into tears as her mother hugs her.

Shilpa’s mother also has a message for Arshi Khan, who has been passing mean comments on Shilpa after calling her ‘Maa’ in the initial weeks. She requested her to not insult someone whom they have regarded as a mother. All the housemates rush to meet Shilpa’s mother as they are relieved of the freeze position.

It was indeed an emotional moment for all the ‘gharwalas’ as Shilpa’s mother came to the house. Everyone was left with tears in their eyes remembering their families. For all those who don’t know, Priyank’s girlfriend Divya also entered the house and gave him a lesson. She told him that he has broken the heart of many girls including her and he needs to make up for it. Also, she made him realize that no one in the house is his friend except Vikas and that he needs to move out of the group of Hina and Luv and play his own game. Later, while she leaves the house, she thanks Vikas.

Looks like it is going to be a very emotional week for the housemates with their loved ones coming to the house. Vikas’s mother will also be seen visiting the house and meeting him. Hiten’s wife Gauri is also said to be making to the house to meet him. We still don’t know about any other family members of the housemates coming to the Bigg Boss house.


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