Shiv Thakre Slams Tina Dutta Says; You Are Heartless And Inhuman. Read on!

As the Bigg Boss season goes on, the controversies and excitement increase. After sharing a strong bond with each other, Tina and Shalin emerged in ugly fight. They always put other in their arguments or fights as the first person was Sumbol and then Soundarya. However, it is clear that they parted their ways in the show. Tina is now with Priyanka where Shalin is still looking for someone in the house to have conversation with. Shalin gets frustrated and lonely that affects his mental condition in the show.

The team has shared the latest promo for the upcoming episodes. As we all know that Bigg Boss serves TTFW to Nimrit already and now the another task began to win the TTFW. Priyanka and Archana fight for the same that leads them to an ugly face of with Shiv and Stan. MC Stan threatened Priyanka and comment on her badly. Meanwhile, the nomination task also started, Nimrit nominated Priyanka because she thinks that she made false narration and misunderstanding between others. Priyanka replied that Nimrit, people wants to see to speaking.

Shalin nominated Tina and called her fake. Shiv also targeted Tina and called her inhuman and heartless. While nominating Tina, Shiv said that you are being heartless to Shalin and laughed on him as you know that he is not well. Shalin also claimed that “I hate you Tina Dutta”, quickly Tina also nominated Shalin Bhanot and said “Awww now your health is ok?’

It will interesting to know about the nomination and very excited that who will be going to say the final good-bye to the show.