Shivangi Joshi & Mohsin Khan Break-Up, Production Had To Assign Separate Vanity Vans To The Two Now

The lead pair of the hit TV show Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai, Mohsin Khan and Shivangi Joshi were real life couples for a long time. The two dated and were pretty close with each other. But recently, they parted ways. But both are grown-up professionals and decided not to create a scene out of their break up. They are still cordial with each other and the work process is not getting hampered. For the world, they want to paint a different picture and show that all’s well between them. But the recent development has something else to say.

SpotboyE has it that the production team has assigned a new vanity van to Mohsin, who used to earlier share his van with Shivangi.  “Mohsin and Shivangi shared a vanity van, which had two sections- one was smaller than the other. When they were together, Mohsin had himself suggested that he doesn’t mind alternating the sides with Shivangi yet a lot of times it was the actress who got the bigger section. Mohsin never said anything at that time,” a source from the set informs us.

However, we hear that after their break up, one day, on an outdoor shoot, Mohsin requested that he should be given the bigger section as he can’t always compromise. “We were shooting outdoor a few days back, and Mohsin insisted that the bigger section should be given to him and if it’s not possible he would like to shoot without makeup,” added the source.

When the people of SpotBoye contacted Mohsin he had a different story to tell. However, we could get through him after the story went online. Here’s what he claimed, “We were shooting for a fight sequence in which we had to get into mud. So, the vanity van section which I was provided with didn’t have a bathroom where I could take a shower and it was on the other side of the van. That’s why I asked the production to allot me the portion with bathing area. I have never demanded for a single door vanity van. In fact, today also I am sharing a vanity with Shivangi. All I can say is somebody is trying to divert attention from our hard work and prove us unprofessional.”

Talking about his equation with Shivangi, Mohsin said, “I have no problems with her. It’s been four years of us working together and I find her a thorough professional.”