What! SHOCKING! This Bigg Boss contestant is ahead of all others by at least 40% votes

The immensely popular Bigg Boss show is slowly heading towards the finale. Just two more weeks and we will have a clear winner of the show. Through the months, all the contestants inside the Bigg Boss house have played well and many of them have managed to make their way to the final weeks of the show. We recently shared with you that Shilpa Shinde is the first contestant to reach the Bigg Boss finale.

Well, Shilpa Shinde surely has a huge fan following all across and many viewers have also predicted that Shilpa will be the winner of the show. However, many don’t know that other contestants who have reached this far on the show are equally deserving. With very less time left for the finale, the viewers have become more particular about the contestants they wish to see in the finale.

It will surprise you but the contestant who has the maximum chances to win the show is Hina Khan. Hina, who is popularly known for her show ‘Ye Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai’ has a huge and loyal fan following. She is one of the most popular faces of television and this will surely be adding an advantage. Also, a report suggests that she is ahead of all the other contestants inside the house by at least 40% votes.

“One would think that Hina’s popularity has decreased after Bigg Boss 11, but the voting trend will surprise you. Every time she is nominated, she is ahead of the other contestants by at least 40 percent votes,” the report says. The show is just about to end and this margin is going to benefit Hina Khan to reach the finales and probably winning the show. What do you think? Will Hina Khan turn out to be the winner of the show? Let us know!


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