Shocking! Harry Styles Drinks Water Out Of A Shoe During Concert In Australia; Fans Call It Disgusting!

Harry Styles performed during his debut Australia concert in Perth, according to the Oz custom of drinking from one’s shoe.

Harry Styles’ first concert, which he gave on Monday in Perth, Australia, after winning the Grammy Awards, went viral online. However, not because of his excellent performance, but rather because of what happened on stage, which kind of freaked out the internet audience.

Harry drank off his shoe in imitation of his close buddy and F1 racer Daniel Ricciardo. As disgusting as that may sound, it truly took place, and due to the internet, everyone in the globe is watching it.

In Perth, Australia, Harry Styles had his debut performance since winning the Album of the Year Grammy. He surprised his audience when he followed an Aussie custom and drank out of his shoe.

For those who are unaware, this practise of drinking from the shoe is known as “shoey.” To perform so, one pours a beverage—typically beer—into either their own or another person’s shoe, which they then consume.

Harry, 29, took a break from singing and took off one of his shoes. He then filled it with liquid, probably beer, and immediately drank it all. He then replaced the shoe on his foot.

Harry Styles reportedly commented, “This is one of the most disgusting rituals I’ve ever [heard of]” in reference to the “shoey,” as reported by Page Six.

According to the report, Harry said, “I feel like a different person,” after drinking from the shoe he was wearing. I feel embarrassed of myself, he said. That seems very intimate. Sharing such a private time with so many people. In consultation with my therapist, I will discuss this in more detail, In the end.”

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The theatrical performance of the “shoey” by Harry Styles became popular online. It was also posted on Twitter, and as soon as it gained popularity, a flood of internet users chimed in with their opinions about the entire situation.

The video has stunned followers and is being extensively shared on Twitter. A Twitter user remarked, “Why Harry?”

Another twitter user expressed disgust at the video, saying that it is common among Australians to do this when drinking, because this is a common drinking behaviour for us lol.”

That’s actually an Aussie custom, said another reply. You folks need to calm down. It’s been done before by other artists as well, a fan said in the meanwhile. It’s the local custom and his repulsed response.

I just puked, a third user wrote. “WHAT TRADITION???,” a fourth Twitter user exclaimed. HOW DO I SAY EW? I’m from Australia, and we don’t do this, a fifth online user said.

Why did you do that? asked another of them in their letter. That’s so revolting.

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Harry Styles gave a performance in Australia soon after winning all four of the prize categories in which he was nominated at the Brit Awards last week, artists of the year, song of the year, pop/R&B acts of the year and album of the year.

In addition, he received three Grammy Awards, including album of the year. Many were shocked by Harry’s victory in the category because they had all been betting on Beyoncé.

Brandi Carlile’s In These Quiet Days, ABBA’s Voyage, Adele’s 30th, Bad Bunny’s Un Verano Sin Ti, Beyoncé’s Renaissance, Kendrick Lamar’s Mister Morale, and Lizzo’s Special all received nominations.