Shocking Images From Milan Fashion Week Show Trash-Tossed Models On Runway

The 2024 Milan Fashion Week is sporting all kinds of controversies, and the latest are the viral images. You can see that people are tossing trash at models walking the runway. This MFW 2024 made designer Beate Karlsson the talk of the fashion circuit. AVAVAV’s Beate Karlsson is famous for experimental and unconventional runway showcases.

Truly Creative and Bizzare Take on Fashion

There is no limit to creative juices and fashion weeks are the perfect time to show off your talents. Designer Beate Karlsson seems to have understood that a long time back.

This fashion season, the Swedish designer became successful in plenty of ways as she got trash-tossed at her beloved models. Inspirational, yet bizarre! No wonder the images of the “Thanks For Your Feedback” collection went viral!

Milan Fashion Week 2024

In contrast to the sultry and pragmatic catwalk on the ramp, this ugly garbage-throwing spectacle grabbed more eyeballs. Going against conventional fashion, Beate achieved what she set out to do. The official social media handle of Milan Fashion Week 2024 boasts of these pictures. 

Why Throw Trash? Concept Behind the Art

AVAVAV’s collection and this particular show take inspiration from online bullying, hatred, and trolling. The brand’s fashion theme used trash-tossing as a metaphor for the digital hate they receive. The dramatic runway show featured trash of all sorts being aimed at the models as they walked. 

Milan Fashion Week

Besides, they played the hate comments they see under their social media posts. By emphasising the negativity on digital platforms, the label’s mission of raising awareness is a success. In a statement, the MFW said, “The show performance included rubbish thrown at the models as a metaphor for the rejection and hatred on social media.”

Worthy Designs on Display at Milan Fashion Week

But not everything was conceptual. The show was about fashion and we got to see a lot of exciting patterns and designs. The highlights of this year’s collection from the label are baggy patterns, cutouts, silhouettes, monochromes, etc. Especially, sheer styles caught the attention of one and all with an all-white dress. 


An entire red ensemble in baggy style stood out, while another solid bodycon-pattern dress was extremely worthy of the drama. All in all, Milan Fashion Week 2024 is not the only time that the designer label Avavav was in the news for strange reasons. Last September, the brand’s Summer/Spring 2024 collection had a “No time to design, no time to explain” theme, with models walking in a half-ready state.