Shocking: These rival contestants of Bigg Boss 11 are now best buddies!

Bigg Boss season 11 is over but the party isn’t! Ever since the contestants are out of the Bigg Boss house, they are enjoying every moment and celebrating with their friends from the Bigg Boss house.

As we all know, Hina and  Vikas have never became friends in the house and their rivalry continued till the very end of the house. The two even fought badly in the last task of the show, where Vikas forced her to step on his mother’s photo. Now, that the show is over, Hina and Vikas are hanging out with Rocky and Priyank .


“Vikas and I have met outside the house many times. We even watched Padmaavat along with Ro (Rocky) and Priyank. Vikas and I could never get along inside the house. He told me that he saw only me as his competition and I took it as a compliment. We are like-minded people and we knew that we will bond well outside the house and now we are. We couldn’t connect on ‘Bigg Boss’ because we were in a competitive zone. However, that doesn’t mean that we can’t be friends outside the house. He calls me and we are in touch with each other. I am in touch with Priyank as well,” Hina told The Times of India.

Hina’s boyfriend Rocky Jaiswal is also growing fond of Vikas. “Vikas is very close to Ro and relates to him. In fact, Ro told him in front of me that he was his favourite player,” she added.


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