Shocking! Watch Mouni Roy huge transformation from simple girl to the sexiest girl in B’town!

Nostalgia has a way of making everything more beautiful. And as everyone believes in the power of makeup or should we say knowing it better how to use makeup to enhance your beauty is something that not all the celebrities know much about at least when they are just newcomers in the industry. However, by the passage of the time, you are able to see the difference in their faces more and more as they learn how to present the best of themselves.
Now you guys must be thinking why suddenly we are talking about this. Well, there is one diva from small town in West Bengal, who has transformed herself completely over the years, its none other than the famous Naagin actress Mouni Roy. Well, very few people know that she started her career with Ekta Kapoor’s famous daily soap, ‘Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi’. Don’t believe us, here is the still from, ‘Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi’.

Umm don’t you guys find this (above) Mouni a bit different from what she looks nowadays? Earlier Mouni was known for her simple look with her innocent face, with no makeup, with more of an Indie look like salwar- Kameez as you guys can see in the photo but now this girl has become one of the sexiest ladies in B’town. After all she has debut in B’town with Akshay Kumar in ‘Gold’ movie.

Want to see more of simple look of Mouni. Here you go!

Shocking right! But if we look her now or her instagram posts definitely then we must say Mouni has
completely changed herself whether it is her beachy wavy hair, the sultry pout, and the mesmerizing
dressing sense. She has changed into infinite levels of sensuousness. All we can say is her
transformation journey is just fabulous. And even she has millions of followers on instagram.

Don’t you feel Mouni had a huge transformation!


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