What! Is the show Bigg Boss really scripted? This evicted contestant has the real answer for all

Bigg Boss is undoubtedly one of the most popular shows on television. Currently, the show is running its 11th successful season and through the years, the show has been able to garner a great viewership across the nation. However, one big question that has always stuck the viewers mind is that is the show scripted? Well, the contestants on the show stay out of contact of everyone while they are on the show. Meanwhile, they share an unusual relationship with each other.

We all are aware of the kind of controversies that go on inside the house. There is tons of drama and entertainment. While most of it looks like coming naturally out of the contestants, there are moments where we can figure it out to be all plotted. Yes, there are instances inside the house where it looks like the makers have forcefully brought in a situation to grab eye balls. Till date, we still haven’t really discovered if the show is scripted or not.

In a recent interview, evicted contestant Bandgi Kalra answered this one big question. She shared that the Bigg Boss show is really not scripted and that the makers of the show don’t give any instructions to the contestants inside the house. The contestants don’t have any contact with the makers of the show or with any person outside the Bigg Boss house.

Earlier, evicted contestant Zubair Khan shared that the makers of the show asked him to use abusive language for the co-contestants on the show. However, when Bandgi was aksed about the same, she simply rubbished it and said that Zubair is lying. She said that life inside the Bigg Boss house is completely entirely different and contestants lose contact with the outside world after they are inside the house. Bandgi also shared that their is a complete change in the lifestyle of people on getting inside the house.


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