Shruti Sinha and Rohan Hingorani make for one of the cutest couples. And if you are someone who doesn’t mind PDA then this couple is worth following on social media. Shruti and Rohan’s romance can make anyone jealous. The couple met on the reality show Roadies and became friends. And later during Splitsvilla, the couple fell for each other. However, as we say, true love has its own fight and battles but love conquers all. They fought all the battles and emerged victoriously and came out even stronger. They restored our faith in true love. The couple is currently vacationing in the Maldives, and the two of them just gave a sneak-peek into their vacation. The couple can be seen romancing underwater and it took our heart away. Take a look:

Coming back to their love story, In an interview with Times Now Shruti had talked about Rohan’s proposal on the show and said, “It was not a marriage proposal. I am too young to get married. I am only 20. He joked about finding a wife and everyone started teasing. But let’s see where we are in a couple of years. It was very surprising at that moment and I didn’t know that he will miss me even after getting evicted. He wanted to do something special for me and Handa helped him.”

For those who don’t know Rohan had written a heartfelt love letter for Shruti on Splitsvilla the day he got evicted. He had written, “Being in love – it’s a wonderful feeling, but we all know how hard that can also sometimes be. Things aren’t always smooth and living through both, the good times and the bad – that’s what makes it such an incredible experience. You have been watching us for the past nine months and like every one of you, we are normal people living our normal lives, experiencing the same ups and downs. On the show, we undergo a fair bit of pressure leading to our emotions being heightened and at times, things go out of hand but I am grateful that life (if not Splitsvilla) offers second chances and Shruti and I have taken that. I am blessed to have the companionship of an amazing woman like her for the past seven months”.

He had further added, “Time and time again she has graced me with nothing but love and support and I am proud of the woman she is today, and I hope to make her proud one day. I remember clearly when I first met her, she was just this gorgeous girl dancing along the driveway of this hotel we were at – it was adorable. I love her and I know that no one can take care of her better than I do and I wish all the happiness in the world for her. We are learning together and growing together and I am excited to know that our best days are in front of us. Ek ho tero balma, ek ho mero balma, tero gundo balma, mero nayk balma.”

We wish the couple an ocean full of happiness.