Shweta Tiwari On Reuniting With Abhinav Kohli After Filing Complaint Against Him “Koi Kuch Bhi Bol De Chhap Jata Hai”

Shweta Tiwari has had her part of ups and lows in life. She had a failed marriage with Raja Choudhary where she was abused physically. And just when things started to look good with her second husband Abhinav Kohli, everything went on a downward roll. People have been blaming the actress for her failed marriages and calling her names. And if that wasn’t all, a cryptic post from Abhinav Kohli has even pointed that he might have reunited but Shweta Tiwari has ensured it all farce.

Shweta Tiwari Abhinav Kohli

Speaking to, Shweta denies all the rumors of living again with her second husband Abhinav Kohli. She was quoted saying, “Aaj kal koi kuch bhi bol de, woh chapp jaata hai (No matter what one says, it gets printed). And this shows the capacity of lying.”

Shweta left Abhinav in August last year and even went on to file a police complaint against him for the domestic vio`lence. In an old interview with Hindutan Times, Shweta called her marriage with Abhinav a ‘poisonous infection’. The leading daily quoted the actress saying, “There was an infection which was hurting me badly, I got it removed. People thought it was my hand, part of my body, but they need to understand it was poisonous and I had to take it out. And now, I am healthy again. Don’t think I am trying to portray myself happy, I am actually happy.”

Abhinav Kohli and Shweta Tiwari

However, On last Friday a cryptic post shared by Abinav made netizens believe that he and Shweta are still living together. Taking to his social media handle Abhinav shared a picture of Shweta and wrote that she never filed any complaint against him. He captioned the picture, “I read a few news articles today it is not @shweta.tiwari who has made the complaint. She has not even one complaint of domestic vio`lence against me nor a single complaint of me speaking badly to her daughter against me in the last 12 years that I know her. On the 11th August 2019 she did not complain and the complaint has been read out by DCP Sahab on the same day which is on the internet.”

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