Aww-dorable: Shweta Tripathi’s engagement announcement with rapper boyfriend is PURE LOVE!

Super talented, a happy soul and a lover girl – actress Shweta Tripathi is one heck of a personality! She rose to fame with her exceptionally beautiful work in cult films like Masaan and Haraamkhor. Her Instagram username ‘battatawada’ further speaks oodles about this bubbly being.

What our dinner dates look like! @battatawada where are you now when I need you!?

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Well, she just got engaged to her longtime boyfriend Chaitanya Sharma and announced the same on her Instagram profile. Also known as Slow Cheeta, Chaitanya is a famous rapper. His song Kripya Dhyan De from Sumeet Vyas’ upcoming film High Jack, was launched recently.

Shweta and Chaitanya have been dating each other from last 5 years. And this goes without saying that these two make a super cute couple.

Chaitanya planned a dreamy proposal for her ladylove and Shweta shared the same in her Instagram post. And mind you, it was an on-stage proposal!

Shweta posted a picture from her surprising engagement ceremony and wrote,

“That’s what he said-
It’s been 5 years now, she’s been with me through thick and thin,
As long as she’s by my side I’ll always win.
We met thanks to Akarsh, Adhaar, most importantly thanks to stage,
And so I thought to myself, what better place?
To ask her the question that’ll make sure we live the rest of our lives happily,
Shweta Tripathi ~ WILL YOU MARRY ME?

And I screamed ‘YES!!!”

Awwwww..We are absolutely floored with their love! And just look at Shweta’s expression in the picture! It is adorable beyond words! By the way, Shweta didn’t joke about the screaming part in the caption. She actually screamed out loud and a video of the same is doing rounds on Internet!

Slow Cheeta too took to the Instagram and announced engagement with an endearing post!

The couple is all set to tie the knot on 29th June. They have in fact chosen a hashtag as quirky as them – #gocheetagetbattata! How cute is that!

Chaitanya is five years younger than Shweta, but who can believe she is 32 years old! Talking about their love story, Shweta opened up to a news agency and said, “We met because both of us were stepping in for other actors. So, from Bombay (Mumbai), we met in Delhi to perform and hardly spoke throughout. On our way back, we were seated next to each other. It was a 5 a.m. flight, so obviously the plan was to doze off. But we started talking and that was that.”

Panvel Mc Donalds photo toh banta hai!

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She further revealed how Chaitanya tricked her for the proposal, ““He wanted to do it on stage because that’s how we met — for a play. He had told me he has a new play, so I went to see that… But it was the proposal.”

OMG! We haven’t seen a cuter love story! We would just say, Go Cheeta..Get Battata! 😀


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