Sinead O’Connor Was Admitted To The Hospital, Days After Her Son Died Tragically- Deets Inside

Sinead O’Connor was admitted to the hospital just a few days after her 17-year-old son was discovered dead. The 55-year-old said she was with the police and being brought to see medics in a heartbreaking Twitter message Wednesday night. The singer says she feels “lost” and “hates” herself without Shane. Shane killed himself last week after eluding a hospital’s suicide watch.

Son of Irish singer Sinead O'Connor found dead | Arab News

According to the Daily Mail, she said online following another tweet: “I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have said that. I am with cops now on my way to the hospital.’ I’m sorry I upset everyone. I am lost without my kid and I hate myself. The hospital will help a while.” Despite making “detailed funeral plans,” For a while, the hospital will be of assistance.” O’Connor said her son was discharged from Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services just one month before his death, despite having “extensive funeral preparations.” She blamed CAHMS, Tusla, and the Irish government for ‘failed’ Shane, who committed suicide by hanging himself.

She wrote: “Please don’t imagine I am less than keenly aware I failed my child, alongside Tusla and the HSE and the Irish State. We all failed him. Welcome to Ireland. Suicide will not bring you peace. It is a lie. Therefore the next poor well-meaning sod who says to me about my son ‘at least he is at peace now’ is going to get their lights punched out. How does anyone know he’s at peace? She added: “I can tell you his face was as tormented as it’s been for months. No difference at all.”

Sinead scolded both the Irish health service HSE and the child and family agency Tusla, claiming a “refusal to take any responsibility” and that she had “yet to get any contact from Tusla or their representatives” 26 hours after her son’s death, which she called “unacceptable.” Shane was Sinead’s only child with Donal, although she also has three other children: son Jake, 34, from her first marriage to John Reynolds, daughter Roisin, 25, from her ex-boyfriend John Waters, and son Yeshua, 15, from Frank Bonadio.

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