Smriti Irani’s Daughter Shanelle Irani To Get Marry At A Royal Ceremony In Rajasthan Fort: Checkout Details!

Union Minister Smriti Irani’s daughter Shanel Irani is getting married soon at Hinvasar Fort (Nagaur) in Rajasthan for the wedding from 7 to 9 February. There is an event. Shanel is said to be married to Arjun Bhalla.

Smriti Irani’s half Daughter Shanelle Irani is getting marry


Previously, Smriti Irani announced the happy news by posting photos of her daughter Shanelle and future son-in-law Arjun Bhalla on his social media account. ‘Arjun Bhalla lives in our hearts now,’ he wrote. ‘Welcome to our household.’ ‘You will face a crazy father-in-law and an even worse mother-in-law,’ Smriti Irani joked. ‘May God Bless.” There is not much information about Arjun Bhalla. However, according to media reports, he received his MBA in London.

Shanelle Is Daughter of Smriti’s husband Zubin Irani And his first wife Mona


Let us tell you, Union minister’s daughter Shanel Irani is a lawyer by trade. Shanel Irani, Smriti Irani’s daughter, is a lawyer. She finished her education in Mumbai. Shenel moved to America for higher education and earned a law degree from Georgetown University. Shenel Irani is the child of Zubin and first wife Mona Irani. In addition, Smriti and Zubin Irani have two children, Johr and Joish Irani.

Smriti Irani’s Biological Daughter Is Joish Irani

Let us tell you that Smriti Irani’s biological daughter name is Joish Irani. Joish is 19 years old and very popular with people of her age. Some time ago, Smriti shared a photo of Joish on her social media account. Joish is the youngest daughter of Smriti Irani. Joish has a black belt in karate. He has won many national and international medals. It is also known that Joish worked as a chef in several restaurants. Joish’s name is also included in the Limca Book of Records.