Smriti Khanna Turns This Dialogue Of FRIENDS Into A Lullaby For Her Little Daughter, Anayka, Watch The Video Inside

From Monica’s ‘Monica clean’ to Joey’s ‘Joey doesn’t share food’ to Ross’ ‘I am fine’, this show has given us so much that every generation will be in a debt of it. No matter how many reruns we have done with the show, there is a part of our heart that wants us to restart the show and go through the ride all over again.

You must be living on another planet, if you don’t know about the globally popular show, F.R.I.E.N.D.S. Probably, if there is life on another planet, then people will be watching this show there too. The epic cult show has made all of us wish to have a friend’s group like this, where we can all live like a family. The show starts with friendship but ends making viewers a part of this family.

Well, any F.R.I.E.N.D.S. fan can go on and on about the show. Our favourite celebrities too are hit hard by the storm of this show. One of them is the new yummy-mommy, Smriti Khanna, who has set another milestone by using a dialogue from the show as a lullaby for her 1-month-old daughter, Anayka. Smriti Khanna, who had gotten married to her co-star, Gautam Gupta in 2017, had started the journey of parenthood in April 2020 with the arrival of their little girl.

On May 5, 2020, Smriti had taken to her Instagram handle and had revealed her angel’s unique name which means powerful. As they say, a mother’s world turns upside down with the birth of her child, and the same has happened with Smriti, whose life is now all about her little doll!

Smriti is enacting the Joey and Rachel dialogue, where they had found out about Monica and Chandler’s relationship. The video is too cute to miss and along with the video, Smriti wrote, “Any F.R.I.E.N.D.S fans here? Can you guess the characters and scene?” Take a look at this adorable video below:

In the video, we could see Smriti happily dancing with her munchkin, singing some sad song while Gautam secretly filmed her moves. Alongside the video, he had written, “The only person who can make an emotional song look funny @smriti_khanna baby I hope you know there are not the lyrics.” Check it out below.

The actress had also said that she had wanted a baby girl and her wish has come true and this had made her Mother’s Day even more special.

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