Soha Ali Khan’s Daughter, Inaaya Prays for Taimur’s Birthday: A Heartwarming Sneeze Surprise

Today marks the seventh birthday of the lovable Taimur Ali Khan, and the celebration is nothing short of a global festivity. The Khan family, including Taimur’s bua, Soha Ali Khan, and her son, Inaaya Naumi Kemmu, embarked on a holiday to make this day truly special.

Soha Ali Khan’s Heartwarming Birthday Wish

The Cute Videotape Gesture

In a heartwarming gesture, Soha Ali Khan took to her Instagram handle to extend birthday wishes to Taimur. She shared an endearing videotape featuring Taimur and Inaaya engaged in a prayer session. The siblings, seated on a cosy bed, were captured in a serene moment, with mantra chants creating a soothing background. Inaaya, dressed in a yellow top and blue jeans, joined hands with Taimur, who sported a white t-shirt and striped shorts.

Inaaya Naumi Kemmu’s Sportful Disturbance

The Indelible Sneeze

As the sincere prayer continued, Inaaya could not resist a playful moment. Caught up in meditation, she slyly opened her eyes and, to everyone’s surprise, let out a loud sneeze, dismembering the peaceful air. Taimur’s response was priceless, glancing at his kinsman with a blend of surprise and recreation. Soha Ali Khan, in her note accompanying the videotape, added a touch of humour, saying,” Excuse the little sneeze at the end!”

Soha Ali Khan’s Daughter, Inaaya, with Taimur

Taimur’s Return Wishes to Inaaya

A Goofy Picture and a Sweet Message

This pleasurable exchange of wishes is not a one-way road. On Inaaya’s sixth birthday, Taimur, through his mama, Kareena Kapoor Khan, recompensed the love. A goofy picture of Taimur with his tongue out, clad in a yellow t-shirt and black joggers, was accompanied by a sweet message from Bebo. The image captured a candid moment, with Inaaya looking fondly at her cousin.

Soha Ali Khan’s Daughter, Inaaya, Adds Joy to Taimur’s Birthday Prayers

Taimur’s seventh birthday festivity wasn’t only a family affair but a heartwarming display of love between cousins. Inaaya’s lovable disruption added a touch of spontaneity to the solemn moment, making it a birthday to flash back on.