Sonakshi Sinha Roasts Sharmin Segal’s Bad Attitude On The Sets, The Latter Says ‘Aukaat Dikha Di…’ Read Here!

During a Netflix “Mushaira Roast” hosted by comedian Munawar Faruqui, Sonakshi Sinha was spotted making fun of her co-star Sharmin Segal from “Heeramandi: The Diamond Bazaar.” 

Sharmin Segal, a Bollywood actress who recently appeared in the online series Heeramandi The Diamond Bazaar, has received criticism for her underwhelming performance in the Netflix episode. Recently, stand-up comedian Munawar Faruqui arranged a roast session in the style of a mushaira for the cast of Heeramandi. In it, Sonakshi Sinha and Sanjeeda Shaikh squared off against Aditi Rao Hydari, Manisha Koirala, and Sharmin Segal.

Sonakshi Sinha takes a nasty dig at Sharmin Segal in a viral video

Now, a video of Sonakshi Sinha, who plays ‘Fareedan’ in the web series, has leaked online, showing her ridiculing Sharmin Segal during the mushaira event. Sonakshi mocked Sharmin in the video, saying that she arrived on the Heeramandi set unprepared for her dialogue and insisted on finishing early. Sonakshi was heard saying in the video, which also includes Munawar Faruqui, the following:

“Sharmin ko har din set ka wrap jaldi karwana tha. Raat main jaldi so jaati thi, agle din school bhi toh jaana tha. Sharmin din bhar jitne Gen Z alfaaz ratt jaati hai, kaash kisi din set pe aane se pehle apne dialogues bhi yaad karke aati.”

Sharmin Segal roasts Sanjeeda and Sonakshi Sinha

After Sonakshi, Sharmin took the stage, and she blasted Sonakshi for being ‘a phoney’ based on her portrayal in the programme. Sharmin chastised Sanjeeda Shaikh, also known as “Waheeda,” for abandoning her own sister in order to be pals with a liar. She was overheard stating:

“Sanjeeda Heeramandi me Waheeda bani hai, is baat par ek sher arz karna chahungi. Waheeda ke naseeb mein batua hai khali, Fareedan se kya dosti karogi wo khud hai jaali. Chhoti beehn hoke dushman se haath milati ho, ye kar ke apni khud ki aukaat girati ho.”

Sharmin Segal’s hurtful remarks left Sanjeeda Shaikh shocked

Sanjeeda Shaikh looked stunned by Sharmin Segal’s comments, and her facial expressions in the video confirmed it. She appeared to be breathing, staring at Sonakshi in shock as her mouth fell wide. Sonakshi made sure to give Sharmin a clap in return, though, and said: “Aaj kal ke naa ye bache..”

Netizens’ reaction to Sonakshi Sinha roasting Sharmin Segal

Watching the roast video was enjoyable, since each assertion was a flawless rebuttal. But after the video was posted on Reddit, a number of online users flocked the comment area, lamenting Sharmin’s lacklustre delivery of the conversation. A user wrote: “I love how Sharmin couldn’t even give any expression now as well.” Another commented, “Here she goes, here she goes again killing the vibe again.” Click here.