Sonam Kapoor Got Body-Shamed Yet Again & We’ve Had Enough

Trollers have done it again. Seems like they haven’t had enough of their sick ‘fun’ after trolling fashionista Sonam Kapoor Ahuja for literally years. The Neerja actress has been cyber-bullied for her breast size since times immemorial. She doesn’t have well-endowed breasts and that has been made the butt of the joke for a long time.

Recently, Sonam was in Delhi for a brand promotion. After the event, the actress took to Instagram and posted her picture. She was looking gorgeous as always in a cold-shoulder white dress and high-ponytail. But cyber-bullies weren’t having it. They started commenting on her picture and mocking her for her breast size. But this time, it wasn’t because her breasts were small. Instead, Sonam was looking curvy and voluptuous in the picture. And that was the reason enough for trollers to mock Sonam.

Some users started speculating how this change happened while others called her out for getting plastic surgery. A few of them were downright crass and shameless who started congratulating her hubby Anand Ahuja for doing a wonderful job. Here are a few comments from under her picture:

It seems like some dense minds don’t understand that a woman’s body or her shape isn’t up for anyone to discuss or comment on. She should not be shamed either way. Nor for flat chested, neither for having big breasts. Such lame trollers should be given a piece of our minds. Instead of indulging in body shaming, we all should support and preach body positivity. We don’t know about Sonam Kapoor Ahuja, but we have had enough of body shaming.


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