Sonam Kapoor Ignored Shweta Bachchan, Changed Place With KJo To Skip Posing With Her, Netizens React: SEE HERE!

Sonam Kapoor and Shweta Bachchan were seen in an old video together that appeared online, with the former appearing to neglect the latter. But what drew our notice to the same were the responses from netizens. 

Sonam Kapoor ignored Shweta Bachchan while walking on the ramp with her in an old video

Sonam Kapoor became the target of netizens’ rage over her conduct, which was described as cocky. When the actress’s old footage went viral, some internet users took offence at how she seemed to overlook another well-known person. The previous video, which was released in 2019, had Sonam Kapoor, Shweta Bachchan, and Karan Johar as the show-stoppers for Sandeep Khosla and Abu Jani. With their stunning ensembles for the day, the three lit up the stage. Following the video’s reemergence online, fans are responding to what they saw on stage.

Sonam Kapoor is seen standing well back on the stage in the event footage, with Karan Johar and Shweta Bachchan in front. But they were all observed clapping with delight. Sonam and Shweta are seen going on the ramp in the film, which was an assemblage of many other clips, with Sandeep Khosla accompanying them in the centre.

Sonam Kapoor changed places with Karan Johar to skip posing with Shweta Bachchan

What drew everyone’s attention was the scene at the end of the video where Sonam Kapoor and Shweta were posing while standing close to each other. The last video appeared to show Karan Johar and the designers pressuring Sonam in Shweta’s direction. Nevertheless, Shweta later approached Sonam and struck a photo. Shortly after, Sonam is seen chit-chatting and switching positions with Karan Johar, moving away from Shweta Bachchan’s side of the room. 

Netizens’ reactions to the video

As soon as the video became viral, netizens flooded the comments section with their thoughts. As Shweta frequently did with Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, some fans felt Sonam made the right choice in ignoring her. Sonam was called out by some other users for her overacting and for her attitude. A user posted: “Shweta Bachchan aisa same reaction aishwarya ko deti hai public main.” Another user commented, “Chalo kisi ne toh shweta aunty ko attitude dikhaya. Otherwise, she is always the rude one.” Click here.

Shweta Bachchan got trolled as she seemingly took a dig at Aishwarya Rai Bachchan

On Abhishek Bachchan’s birthday, February 5, 2024, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan put down any reports of their breakup with a lovely message. But it was one of Shweta Bachchan’s enigmatic articles on the lessons a female in the family ought to learn. Shortly after a post was made on the discussion forum, Reddit users hurried to the comment area, where they immediately attacked Shweta, believing it to be a jab at Aishwarya. 

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