Sonam Kapoor Opens Up On Returning To Films Post Pregnancy; Calls Anil Kapoor Her ‘Main Motivator’!

Anil Kapoor, the veteran actor, is a continual source of inspiration for his daughter Sonam Kapoor. Anil Kapoor’s enthusiasm for acting inspires the actress. Continue reading!

Sonam Kapoor is a talented and well-known Bollywood actress. She was last seen in Shome Makhija’s ‘Blind,’ which was released in July 2023. Sonam Kapoor, who gave birth to her first child, son Vayu, in August of last year, is returning to the big screen following her pregnancy.

In a recent interview, the actress claimed that her father, Anil Kapoor, who has been working in the film industry for nearly five decades, inspires her. Sonam mentioned her desire to be like him and how he motivates her to work as long as she can.

Sonam Kapoor States Her Father  Is Her ‘Main Motivation’.

Sonam Kapoor discussed how she is inspired by her father, Anil Kapoor, who is still working in films after nearly five decades.


It has been a real pleasure learning from my dad; he is my source of inspiration and motivation,” Sonam says. He has been working for nearly five decades and yet each day he is as delighted as if it were his first day! I wish I could always be like him because I, too, want to work as long as possible.”

“My father has set the bar too high for his children as well as fellow actors in the industry with his dedication to the craft, fitness, and desire to entertain people for as long as he can,” she continues.

I, too, wish to work and continue to do fascinating and varied work! The saying goes, “Once you’re an actor, you’re always an actor!” On set is my happy place. Being in front of the camera is sheer delight.”

Sonam Kapoor Opens Up On Her Upcoming Projects.

Sonam has two major projects that will begin filming next year, marking her long-awaited return to the big screen. As for Sonam’s upcoming projects, she says, “I am ready to start working on them.”

I’m incredibly pleased to be back on the sets after my pregnancy. Going forward, I aim to strike a balance between job and family life.”

“I’m scheduling my way of life on such a way such that I can remain active on multiple projects every year and still be an actor!” she added.

I believe I am in this frame of mind and confident in my ability to pull this off because I have seen my father do it for so many years, combining job and family brilliantly!”

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