Sonam Kapoor Regularly Used ‘Oil Pulling’ During Pregnancy; Know Some Amazing Benefits Of It!

Bollywood actress Sonam Kapoor became a mother a few days ago. In a recent interview, Sonam said that she regularly used oil pulling to maintain good oral health during pregnancy. Do you know what oil pooling is?

The ancient Indian Ayurveda scriptures mention this oil pulling. In this method, you have to gargle with oil instead of water. In western countries, this method is called oil pooling. It’s a method that can beat any synthetic mouthwash in price and quality. What are the benefits of this method?

Science says that about seven hundred types of bacteria can nest inside the human mouth. From dental problems to bad breath, these bacteria cause a variety of problems. Oil pooling greatly reduces the number of these bacteria. As a result, oral health is good.

If the bacteria in the mouth decreases, the bad breath will naturally decrease. In the language of science, bad breath is called ‘halitosis’. In addition to the outbreak of bacteria, many times the tongue is covered with dirt. A substance called chloracidine is most effective in killing the bacteria present in this dirt. Gargling with coconut or sesame oil can have similar results to chloracidine.

This method of gargling with oil can also help reduce tooth decay. What is commonly known as dental caries is scientifically known as a cavity. If you don’t brush your teeth properly, the bacteria build up on the food particles that accumulate between the teeth. Those bacteria produce various acids. This acid erodes tooth enamel and creates cavities. Oil pooling is very useful to reduce this problem.

Oil pulling is very effective in reducing gingivitis and swelling. In particular, coconut oil helps destroy bacteria such as streptococcus in the mouth. As a result, inflammation of the gums is greatly reduced. This method also helps in reducing the hard deposits of dirt accumulated on the roots of the teeth.

However, it should be kept in mind that this method is not a treatment option. If you have a dental problem, you should consult a doctor first. Also, it is essential to use pure oil while massaging.

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