Sonam Kapoor Shut Down Journalist Like A Classy Woman Who Tried To Put Her Against Deepika!

By Medha Chawla

February 24, 2018

Sonam Kapoor is undeniably an A-list fashionista of Bollywood! Her quirky, edgy and bold sartorial fashion choices have always turned heads. But these elements of boldness and quirkiness are not restricted to her fashion sense. Her real-life personality is as blunt as that.

The ‘Aisha’ actress tolerates no bullshit and is known to unapologetically speak her heart out! Being politically-correct is just not her cup of tea, for, being true to her real self is what matters to her. The same is evident in her media interactions as well. Known to mince no words, Sonam has time and again publically bared her straight-forward nature and made some really harsh statements, even if it meant offending anyone.

So recently, Sonam was present at an event in Mumbai, looking gorgeous as usual. During the media interaction session, a journalist asked her a controversial question and intentionally/unintentionally tried to pit her against Deepika Padukone. The reporter asked Sonam why she deleted the PadMan challenge video of Deepika from her Instagram account.

The reporter was maybe just trying to squeeze-out some gossip for a special story. But this certainly didn’t go well with Sonam, who gave a rather kickass response. She said, “Don’t create controversy where there is none. I expect a woman to support other women, not create these situations. So support other women, so we can all move forward.”

She further made it clear that there was some glitch with Instagram that Deepika Padukone’s post not visible on her profile. And guess what, it was actually a glitch, as that post is now up on Sonam’s profile!

Watch the video of her epic response here:

Let us also tell you that Sonam and Deepika are contemporaries and a tough competition for each other in the industry. Suprisingly, both the divas embarked their Bollywood journeys on the same date (Saawariya and Om Shanti Om released on the same date). Going by thestereotyped ways of Bollywood, leading actresses can’t be good friends and share amicable relations. That’s probably why they are often pitted against each other by journalists!