Sonu Nigam On Singing Devotional Song, “They Should Sound Real And From The Heart And Not Contrived”

Devotional music is an integral part of the musical journey of singer Sonu Nigam. He has sung several songs in this genre for the past 30 years. “From my childhood, my mother made me acquainted to faith in something beyond our perception and intelligence. And, for that, she taught me how to pray at home and also took us to temples, gurudwaras, churches and dargahs. Incidentally, I have some beautiful songs in all these faiths,” says Nigam, whose new song, Jai Chhati Maiyya, has garnered over 12 million views in less than a week of release.

“In the past, I’ve done concerts around the Chhath festival in Mumbai, but never really knew I’ll receive so much love for my first song for Chhathi maiyya. I am truly humbled,” says Nigam, adding that he enjoys singing devotional numbers, but they also come with a lot of responsibility.

He explains, “There are many facets to singing devotional songs. One, they should sound real and from the heart and not contrived. Second, most of the devotional songs of all faiths have a tad bit requirement of a trained voice. Singing these songs has made me more versatile, notwithstanding the fact that because of my devotional songs in the last 30 years, I have a strong independent place in the hearts of my listeners regardless of my film and pop songs.”

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Recently, in addition to Hindi and non-film music, Nigam has also been actively involved in regional music. “I get to work with some great regional music composers, lyricists and singers. This time it was a beautiful experience to work with Pawan Singh. We were able to crack the song (Jai Chhati Maiyya) and the shoot in less than four days,” Nigam ends.

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