Sonu Sood Sends Help To Man Struggling With His Father’s Surgery; ‘Won’t Let Your Father Die’

Sonu Sood came forward to support a young man recently. The man hails from Uttar Pradesh and addressed Sood on X pertaining to his father’s serious condition. Sood responded immediately, saying “We won’t let your father die brother.”

Sonu Sood instant support to a young man

Actor turned philanthropist Sonu Sood has done it again. He once again became Messiah for a young man who sought financial aid for his father’s surgery.

Actor turned philanthropist Sonu Sood
Actor turned philanthropist Sonu Sood

Originally from Deoria, Uttar Pradesh, Pallav Singh tweeted Sood on X, citing immediate financial support for his father’s serious health condition.

“My father will die, soon or very soon. Yes, I know what I am saying. I am writing this while standing in a queue at AIIMS Delhi. Please read.”

Responding to the tweet, Sood quickly arranged the aid. He also shared the tweet on his social media account for further reach.

“We won’t let your father die brother. Message me ur number directly on my personal twitter id inbox… kindly don’t share on a tweet.”

I Am No Messiah

Chiranjivi praised Sood's book, I Am No Messiah
Chiranjivi praised Sood’s book, I Am No Messiah

Sonu Sood seamlessly transformed into a humanitarian during COVID-19 pandemic. The pandemic has cost people their lives, jobs, near and dear ones and much more. During such difficult unprecedented times, Sood helped – and still helps – thousands of people with various needs. He shared his number publicly on social media the result of which was constant cries for help, aid and support from all over India.

Sonu said in an interview, “For 5-6 months I worked tirelessly for 20-22 hours each day. Desh mein sabke pas mera number tha… God endowed me with some special power.”

Sood had helped children, students, and families come back home. Even an MP sought his help to get his children back from abroad. He has received many accolades and awards for his exemplary work in charity and humanitarian work.

His efforts and experience during the pandemic hailed him as Messiah or Messiah of Migrants which he later recorded in his autobiography, I Am No Messiah.

Sonu Sood’s next projects

Sonu Sood's maiden production Fateh
Sonu Sood’s maiden production Fateh

Sood has his own production company named Shakti Sagar Productions which is named after his father. He has recently finished his maiden project Fateh in collaboration with Zee Studios. The film’s star cast includes Jacqueline Fernandez.

Fateh has already created hype with fine acting, to-the-mark chemistry, enthralling Hollywood-themed stunts, and beautiful locations. It will be released on 12th April 2024.

Sood made his acting debut with the Tamil film Kallazhagar. His Hindi film debut was Shaheed-E-Azam in which he played Bhagat Singh. The film, however, got banned afterward because of some controversy.

Sonu Sood’s net worth

Sonu Sood charges Rs. 2 crores per movie
Sonu Sood charges Rs. 2 crores per movie

Sood’s current net worth is about $18 million (140 crores INR). He also earns through brand endorsements and demands about Rs. 2 crores per movie.

He lives in Andheri, Mumbai with his family.