Sonu Sood Tells Man He Might Lose His Girlfriend Over An Iphone -Deets Inside

Actor Sonu Sood has spent the last couple of months devoting his time to the people’s cause. The actor who owns the Sood Foundation is always wanting to help everyone out. Through the Covid-19 wave, the actor worked tirelessly to acquire and donate oxygen and beds to those in need.  There were moments when Sonu Sood had no enough time to follow through on all requests on one single day.

As the country applauds his charitable heart, the actor continues to extend his helping hand. One man recently reached out to the actor to thank him. While responding to the thank you note, Sonu Sood tweeted, ” Aur koi seva ho toh bataiye (Let me know if I can help in any other way) @SoodFoundation.

Responding to the tweet another man said, “Bhai, meri girlfriend iPhone ki maang kar rahi hai, uska kuch ho sakta hai.  (Brother, my girlfriend is asking for an iPhone, can you help with that)?”. What was more interesting though was the reply Sonu Sood gave for this unusual request. Here is what Sonu Sood retweeted back:

“Uska toh pata nahi, agar iPhone diya toh, par tera kuch nahi rahega (I don’t know about that, but if I get her a phone, you won’t benefit from it)”. Sonu Sood sure did leave the tweeter in a bind on his future.

We sure love how selfless the actor is but was unaware of his witty side until today. Certainly a fan now!

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