Spider-Man No Way Home: Theatre Websites Crashed While Fans Attempting To Book Tickets

While booking tickets for the newly released film Spider-Man No Way Home on 16 December, several booking websites crashed. The advance booking for the much-awaited Spiderman: No Way Home opened at the national multiplex chains of India on late Sunday evening at 8.30 pm and the superhero film has created history within 3 hours of tickets going up for sale.

The fans are facing issues while booking tickets as some of the booking websites crashed. According to reports, ticket-selling platforms were taken offline following a huge demand in ticket booking, followed shortly by other websites. Later, they shared a waiting queue, allowing the fans a chance to buy the tickets.

The tickets have been selling faster than chocolates all through the country. There has been a hike in prices, but even that’s not stopping the Marvel fans from stepping out in huge numbers to celebrate the arrival of Spiderman.

The rough gross figure of Rs 2.10 crore in this one single chain that’s operating in India with 900 screens. Of the 51,000 tickets sold, nearly 37,000 are for the opening day whereas the remaining 14,000 is split between Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

No Way Home not only brings back former Spidey villains, but rumors are flying around that Andrew Garfield and Tobey Maguire might appear in the film. One of the biggest films of this year, the upcoming Spidey film, has created a rumble of thunder, and as it reaches closer to the release day, fans from across the world are excited to watch it.

This has left the fans worried about booking their ticket. Netizens took to social media to express their serious concern on the same.