Sriya Lenka Is The First Indian K-Pop Star From The State Of Odisha

Teenage Indian singer Shreya Lenka (stage name: Sriya) found her way to Korean pop like so many others. Earlier this year, Blackswan announced global auditions to find a new band member in May 2021, Shreya jumped on the possibility and auditioned through a YouTube program. After years of hard work and determination, Shreya has finally achieved her dream of becoming India’s first K-pop star. Shreya Lenka is an 18-year-old singer and dancer who hails from the city of Rourkela in Odisha. The classical dance form of Odissi is one of her specialties and it’s well known for her brilliant performances and graceful. She is also a dedicated yoga practitioner.

Shreya’s journey from a struggling artist to a K-pop star:

In November 2020, Blackswan’s oldest member Hyeme left the band, prompting a search for new artists. DR Music, the official representative of Blackswan, announced in May 2021 that an international audition would be held to select a band member for Blackswan.

Shreya auditioned alongside 4,000 K-pop fans and was selected for more than one level of training through February 2022. She finally completed the last level of training in May 2022 and officially became a member of Blackswan. It was decided by the Brazilian Gabriela Dalcin, 19 years old.” In an Instagram post, DR Music introduced the band’s return along with the 2 new collaborators. “With their debut, we will be back with Blackswan.” Lenka and Dalcin might be training in Seoul for the following couple of months for the band’s subsequent release. Over the past 5 months, they have gone through a series of rigorous training sessions including dance classes, rapping, standard vocal training, musical instrument training, and speech and personality training.

About the band “Blackswan”:

Blackswan is an all-girls K-pop band that modified its name from BP Rania to Blackswan in October 2020. Other contributors to the band are from different nationalities. Currently, other than Lenka and Dalcin, the alternative 4 contributors consist of Korean Singer Go Young Heun (Youngheun) who’s the leader, Belgium-primarily based Senegalese model-rapper-singer Fatou Samba, Brazilian-Japanese singer Larissa Ayumi Cartes Sakata (Leia), and Korean dancer and singer Kim Da Hye (Judy). The K-pop band made its debut in 2020 with Goodbye Rania accompanied via way of means of its first single album, Close To Me, 2021.

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