All is still not well between Deepika and Katrina! Deepika’s shocking statement proves it!

It is a universal truth that a boy’s girlfriends can never be friends. Obvious reasons! And unsurprisingly, same is the case with Ranbir Kapoor’s ex-girlfriends Deepika Padukone and Katrina Kaif. Everyone knows Deepika Padukone was so emotionally invested while dating Ranbir that she even got a tattoo if his name’s initials on her nape. But a Casanova that Ranbir is, fell for Katrina and dumped Deepika. Well, that’s a different thing that his relationship with Katrina also didn’t last forever and the couple is no more together.

Call it professionalism or soft-corner, Deepika forgave former boyfriend Ranbir and now shares a friendly relationship with him. The former couple also did two films after parting ways, Ye Jawani Hai Deewani and Tamasha. But Deepika is not so pardoning when it comes to Katrina.

The girls obviously share cold vibes ever since Kat entered Ranbir’s life. In fact, these grudges are mutual! Remember when Katrina entered the world of social media last year, she followed a lot of celebrities on Instagram, Deepika was not among them. The resent is very much evident.

On the most recent episode of Neha Dhupia’s BFFs with Vogue, Deepika revived the begrudges. When she was asked a straight-forward question, “Would you invite Katrina Kaif to your wedding?”. Deepika was blatant and without batting an eyelid, she answered “No.”  It happened during the “Say it or Strip it” segment of the show where Neha is known to ask some really tough questions.

Let us also tell you, both Deepika and Katrina were invited to SRK’s birthday bash in Alibaug but the divas made to maintain a distance and didn’t even exchange pleasantries. As soon as Deepika entered the Alibaug farmhouse, Katrina exited.

Well amidst this all, Deepika’s bold confession certainly asserted the rivalry yet again!


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