How To Stop Throwing Up – A Medically Proven Method!

Stop From Throwing Up: There’s a simple, medically proven approach to postponing or avoiding dumping your cookies.

Medically Proven Approach

We’ve all had that frightened, uneasy moment (or several) when the all-consuming “Oh sh*t, I’m about to puke” sensation grips our body and sends us rushing to the nearest receptacle, sink, patch of grass, or anything that isn’t our shirt and pants.

While we can’t guarantee that the contents of your stomach will stay down eternally (if they need to come out, they will), this technique can help you delay the upchuck until you can get to a better area to discharge it.

Video Explaining

As one should be of most health-related hacks on social media, I was skeptical when TikTok creator @onlyjayus released a video explaining a handful of illness-prevention tricks—one of which was humming to suppress the need to hurl up—as one should be of most health-related hacks on social media.

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Dr. Karan Rajan, an NHS surgeon at Imperial College London who uses his platform of over 5 million followers to give medical advice and discern fact from fiction, later validated the story.

According to Rajan

Why does this trick keep you from puking or delay it? Humming, according to Rajan, reduces the gag reflex. “Quite often when the gag reflex kicks in it can produce all sorts of symptoms of tension, “Quite often when the gag reflex kicks in it may produce all sorts of sensations of worry and anxiety,” Dr. Ross Perry, medical director of the Cosmedics skin clinics, tells the Daily Mail.

It is possible to relax by controlling and regulating your breathing. Gagging and humming at the same time is rather challenging.”

Other ways to strengthen your gag response, according to Perry, include cleaning your tongue or putting salt on it to excite the taste buds. “What works for one person may not work for another,” he noted, “but ultimately it’s about focusing on anything other than the gagging motion.”

(Another doctor-verified trick from the original video was to sniff rubbing alcohol rather than drink it if you’re feeling sick.)

As a parent who has caught kiddie barf in my bare hands and had to regretfully clean it off of car seats, floor mats, and pricey carpets, I will surely be passing on this wonderful piece of wisdom to my children. It’s unclear if they’ll have the emotional fortitude to carry out the hack when the time comes, but I’m going to hold dress rehearsals before future road trips.

However, this hack appears to be simple enough for us adults to implement. So the next time you feel the desire to urinate, try humming—even if it’s just long enough to get to the bathroom.

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