‘Stop Judging Her’: Fans Came Out To Support Kriti Sanon After Video Of Her ‘Embarrassing Moment’ Went Viral

Kriti Sanon is one of the most loved and popular Bollywood actress of today’s times. Audience appreciate Kriti a lot for the work she has done in the past few years. Being an outsider, she managed to create a strong space for herself in the industry, which is really commendable. Recently, Kriti made her appearance at ‘Sid-Kiara’ wedding and faced an embarrassing moment which made her brutal target of trolling.

Kriti was captured wearing a glittery golden saree, and dewy makeup. She looked like an Indian princess, and was posing for the pictures. Suddenly, a lady came towards Kriti and both were having a conversation with each other. The lady moved closer to Kriti unintentionally, and Kriti thought that she’s about to hug her.

The embarrassing moment began when, Kriti mistakenly came forward with open arms to hug back, but the lady ignored her and moved further. Later, when Kriti realized the situation, her facial expressions looked embarrassed and she instantly switched to her pose.

The funny video is creating buzz all over the internet and Kriti is brutally getting trolled for this weird moment. The viral video received a lot of sarcastic comments in which netizens were making fun of her. But the best thing about Kriti is that, she has wonderful fans who came out to support her.

Giving strong reply to haters, a fan commented “stop judging her” whereas someone else commented “this can happen to anybody; its normal”. A fan also complimented about Kriti’s humbleness and appreciated her for trying to give a hug. Fans called Kriti their role model and the girl next door whom they find very kind and relatable!