Style Goals: Alaya F Brings The Sheer Drama In A White Gown With Intricate Lace Details!

Alaya F shared photographs of herself wearing an exquisite white gown from the Ayesha Depala collection In a recent Instagram post, Continue reading to get a better look at her attire.

Alaya Furniturewala, the actress of Jawaani Jaaneman, may be fresh to the profession, but a simple check at her Instagram profile reveals more about her refined fashion tastes. The actress is an expert at snapping the perfect selfie, selecting the best filter, and speaking truthfully. Despite having a very millennial social media persona, her acting skills indicate a command of the big screen.

Although Alaya F’s passion is intoxicating, we must admit that her fashion game has piqued our interest the most. And if our predictions are correct, this person could become the next huge fashion icon. Bollywood actress Alaya Furniturewalla is no exception to the fashion world’s obsession with white.

Entering Alaya Furniturewalla’s social media account in stealth is akin to strolling down the runway. We adore the actress’s style, which accentuates the skill of appealing. The achromatic fashion magic of Alaya is on full display on her recent outing.

Certain individuals effortlessly stand out in the world of fashion and glamour, captivating the hearts of followers and fashion enthusiasts alike. Alaya F. is one such starlet who has been making waves with her grace and composure.

The Jawaani Jaaneman actress recently captivated everyone with her calm appearance in a beautiful white sheer gown embellished with delicate lacework. This appearance in an ethereal white gown cemented her status as a fashion star.

The ageless appeal of the gown, as well as Alaya’s ethereal appearance, left an everlasting impression on the fashion industry, prompting many to copy her tranquil and elegant style.

Outfit Details

Alaya F looks stunning in a lovely white Sheer gown. The gown, designed by fashion designer Ayesha Depala, is a beautiful blend of contemporary and classic beauty. Featuring an underbust peekaboo pattern and French lace trim at the bust, her off-white slip dress is made of chiffon. It is finished with multiple layers of bias-cut chiffon panels that cascade in a cascading wave to produce a long and short flirty appearance.

The thin fabric gently envelops Alaya’s physique, emphasising her silhouette while remaining delicate. The pure white colour of the gown represents purity and sophistication. The gown’s true charm resides in its delicate lacework, which takes it to a whole new level of beauty. It has a semi-sheer lace embellishment in the hip area. Her dress is excellent for a candlelight beach dinner. Her outfit would set you back Rs. 41,976.

Accessorized The Look

Alaya’s styling of the ensemble adds to its attractiveness. With minimalistic accessories from E3K and Ishhaara Jewellery, such as rings and stacked earrings.


Glam Picks 

Meanwhile, her simple makeup, which includes the ideal blush and pink lipstick, allows the gown to take centre stage, Well-shaped bushy brows complemented the muted tone lashes. Her kohl-laden eyelids, mascara and well-contoured cheekbones completed her basic glam look. Her cascading curls, left loose to frame her face, lend a touch of natural simplicity to the overall appearance.