Sudhanshu Pandey Calls ‘Anupama’s Character Fake, Says-‘Kavya And Vanraj Are Real’

The plot of the TV daily Soap “Anupama” tells the story of Rupali Ganguly, character name Anupama. Apart from Anupama, there are many important characters in the series. Every character in the series, from Vanraj Kavya to Anuj Maya, plays a very important role. Sudhanshu Pandey portrayed Anupama as a fake. Find out why.

Anupama’s character is Fake


Sudhanshu Pandey has been outspoken on every topic. Sudhanshu recently labelled Anupama’s character “fake” in an interview with Tele chakkar. “Anupama’s character is not real,” Sudhanshu added, “because no human being can be so good all the time.” Every person cannot be correct all of the time. People like Kavya and Vanraj can exist because every human being contains some evil. That’s why our programme is so popular: people can relate with the characters.”

Sudhanshu Pandey Speaks on Trolling

Sudhanshu Pandey played the villainous character Vanraj in Anupam and was often trolled in situations like this. He said, “If people don’t hate Van Raj, if hate doesn’t come out, where will the drama come from? People also love me because of my role. What if everything was perfect and positive? Public will loose interest.”

Vanraj went on to say that he would be in trouble if people stopped responding to his character. Even if people react negatively, it is right for them. Let us tell you that Sudhanshu Pandey is playing the character of Vanraj who is Anupama’s ex-husband. Well, what do you think about Sudhanshu Pandey’s statement ?

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