Sumeet Vyas Proposes Marriage To Girlfriend Ekta Kaul, Reveals The Wedding Date

Sumeet Vyas is no longer a new name in the entertainment industry. He has done a number of web series, the best of them being TVF Tripling and Permanent Roommates. His natural acting and amazing sense of portraying any scene makes him one of the most talented actors the industry would ever see. And with his stint in the superhit movie Veere Di Wedding opposite the top Bollywood actress Kareena Kapoor, Sumeer Vyas has become an even popular name in the industry.


Like every other top Bollywood star, people are looking forward to get insides details of the life of Sumeet. Before, we brought to you the exclusive news of Sumeet dating the hot and glamorous Ekta Kaul. Now, we have an even bigger news for you. Sumeet has finally proposed to his long time girlfriend Ekta Kaul and is planning to get married sometime soon. In a recent interview with the leading entertainment daily Bombay Times, Sumeet and Ekta confirmed that they are getting married on September 15 this year.

In the interview, Sumeet stated how he brought one size bigger ring while proposing to Ekta. He said, “Ekta is a beautiful person. I decided to pop the question a few days ago and slipped a ring on her finger before she could change her mind! I am glad she loved it and has accepted my proposal. Unfortunately, I got the size of the ring wrong, which can be expected from a guy like me.”


“My family really adores Ekta. When we met her folks in Jammu, we were floored by their love and hospitality. We were like, let’s not try to compete with them. We are planning a warm and intimate wedding ceremony,” continued Sumeet.

When Ekta was asked to talk about her marriage with Sumeet, she said,  “Marrying the man you love is a great feeling, but tying the knot with your crush is an achievement. I am happy that I am marrying Sumeet. Actually, before slipping the ring, he had come to Jammu to speak to my parents and then he proposed marriage to me. I don’t know why he felt I would not say ‘yes’ immediately. I will never say no to him”. She also added, “Sumeet is a good human being. He never loses his temper and never gives up. He is a hard-working guy and that is also one of the things that attracted me to him”.


In an earlier interview, Sumeet said, “Ekta is not pretentious and she speaks her mind. She is honest and that is good and sometimes a bit taxing (smiles), but for most part, it is the best. I have never been so poetically in love before. We really care about each other and she has a lot of love to give. At first, I didn’t know how to receive it… I couldn’t believe that I was worthy of so much love. It’s only with time that I have realised that it’s for real and one day, I might be able to convince myself that I genuinely deserve all this love and care. Ekta has this innocence and that’s the most endearing part about her. I can’t believe when she says she has a crush on me because she is herself so pretty”.


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