Summer Is Coming – The Best Meal Ideas For Summertime

Nutritious meals for the summer

In summer, the body can get the maximum amount of vitamins because there is a considerable amount of fresh, natural fruits and vegetables in the diet. After a long winter cold, the immune system is weakened, but in the summer, each person has the opportunity to improve their health and well-being. Proper nutrition in the summer will help arrange their figure and defeat avitaminosis. 

Even though there is almost no desire in the summer, controlling the consumption of calories is still necessary. The warm season is considered the ideal period for a variety of diets and casino games in India. In the summer, the human body can be enriched with many valuable vitamins and minerals, which are the sources of fruits and vegetables in their fresh form.

How to eat right in the summer, and how many calories to consume? 

In summer, people often eat wrong because it is hot and there is no appetite during the day, but in the evening, it gets cooler outside, and therefore there is a desire for a hearty dinner. Allow a late dinner is not recommended because the evening, on the contrary, should be as unloaded, and the digestive organs should not suffer from overload. 

A strict regime of meals implies a proper diet in the summer, resulting in which the body will work properly. It is better to have breakfast early, around 8 o’clock, because at this time it is not so hot and the body is better able to assimilate the food. Lunch is better around noon, and dinner no later than 6:00 p.m. or 7:00 p.m. 

In developing a menu of proper nutrition in summer, you should consider that the body needs less protein during this period. As in summer, the metabolic processes are slowed down, and the consumption of fatty meat products should be limited. Therefore, it is better to include chicken or fish as a source of protein in the menu of proper nutrition in summer. If you cannot do without pork, you should reduce the meat consumption to 2 times a week. 

It is desirable to consume at least 20 grams of fiber daily, which will help to improve digestion, and bowel function and directly contribute to weight loss. 

Asking how to eat right in the summer, many people forget that the sources of all the vitamins and beneficial micro-and macronutrients are inexpensive and accessible to almost everyone gifts of nature – fruits and vegetables. It is desirable to buy them at the market because you will be sold natural products there. The daily summer norm of fruits and vegetables for normal functioning – is 500-600 grams. Vegetable salads are well dressed with olive oil, so you saturate the body more and beneficial fats in small amounts but still needed. 

In the menu of the right food in the summer for those who want to have a perfect figure, the number of eaten products should not give in the sum of more than fifteen hundred calories; it is better to reduce this number to 1200 kilocalories per day. Furthermore, by eating fruits and vegetables in unlimited quantities, and at the same time, doing regular physical activity, you can achieve good results in the fight against excess weight. 

Drinks and proper nutrition in the summer for women 

One of the most critical components of proper nutrition in the summer is fluid. Drink a lot, and the recommended norm is 2 liters of pure water. It would be best not to wait until you feel thirsty because it is already a sign of dehydration. If you feel thirsty, you should not drink tea or coffee or buy juices and carbonated drinks. It’s better to give preference to cool water. You can saturate your body with regular water, as well as with still mineral water. 

However, you should not drink too much water either because, in this case, the liquid will linger in the body, leading to edema, which increases the weight and body volume. The best option is to increase your fluid intake by 2-3 glasses of the amount you consume at other times of the year. 

A proper diet in summer for women also includes trendy drinks such as green tea and natural morses. Morse can be drunk only prepared by yourself, and it has very few calories and no harmful chemical preservatives. An excellent diet drink to eliminate thirst will be the usual cool water with lemon juice, in a ratio of 5 to 1. Such a drink will make up for the loss of water and help cope with fatigue, lethargy, and headaches due to summer overheating. 

Speaking about how to eat right in the summer, it is necessary to consider that it is better to exclude alcoholic drinks from your diet completely. They ruin the diet results and cause more dehydration in the body. In addition, the use of even weak alcoholic beverages harms the body’s general state and disrupts the collaborative work of organs and systems. 

A sample menu of proper nutrition for girls in the summer looks like this. 

  • Breakfast – granola from cereals drenched with kefir or yogurt, fruit, berries, or lean cottage cheese. 
  • Lunch – vegetable soup, salad, and lean meat. 
  • Dinner – vegetable salad and baked fish, compote, or green tea. As a snack, you can take any fruit and yogurt. 

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What foods are better not to eat in summer? 

The proper diet in the summer should not be fat and salty foods, as they cause a strong feeling of thirst and hold water in the body. Extreme caution should be eating dairy products; in the heat, bacteria develop very quickly, so it is better to give preference to dairy products. Flour and sweets are also not recommended, especially pastries. 

Observing the proper diet in the summer, avoid coffee and sweet soda; they do not stimulate thirst. Taking into account the recommendations and following the correct regime of food intake, you thus help your body to cope with dehydration, contributing to its saturation with valuable substances. In addition, by eating right, you tidy up your body, emphasize your figure, and, of course, lose weight.

The amount of water during the day is not limited. Moreover, doctors unanimously assert that the observance of a water regime is a critical moment in losing weight. However, the total figure of two liters is somewhat exaggerated because it does not take into account individual constitution and needs. But at least a liter of pure water to drink during the day is necessary. 

To summarize, it is worth noting that the above is a sample menu of proper nutrition for each day, requiring adjustments for the specific parameters of each person. For example, athletes increase the proportion of protein, and people with excess weight exclude starchy fruits and vegetables altogether and remove pasta and heavy meat. In addition, portion sizes should vary according to body constitution.