Sumona Chakravarti Says She Feels Bad About Kapil Sharma’s Jokes About Her Lips And Mouth

‘The Kapil Sharma Show’ is a programme that has not only broken TRP records but has been enthralling the audience for a long time now. During a recent interview, Sumona who plays an important in the show has made shocking revelations about her experience while working on it. The actress has revealed that she never liked host Kapil Sharma’s joke on her appearance. Rather, the mockery on her lips and face was disturbing to her.

Sumona did not like Kapil’s jokes on her

Although Kapil pulls the leg of every character during the show, Sumona doesn’t like when she is mocked for her lips and mouth. Talking about the same, the actress said that the initial days were quite challenging. She used to face a lot of trouble. She remembered how Kapil made fun of her facial features in their very first show. However, his attempt did not work and no one laughed at his joke. But later once again, Kapil did the same and got a good response from audience. From then on, he started doing it again and again. He was happy but Sumona was feeling very bad about it.

However, later Archana Puran Singh had explained a lot to Sumona about how not to feel sad on this matter. She sat with her and asked why she was upset. She told that she is not a standup comedian and it is not so easy for her to make fun of someone. Archana then mentioned that if one learns to laugh at oneself, they will will never feel humiliated.

For the unversed, popular comedian Kapil Sharma runs ‘The Kapil Sharma Show’ along with his supporting cast which include Krushna Abhishek, Sumona Chakraborty, Kiku Sharda, Sudesh Lehri and many more.